Breast Plastic Surgery

Breast Plastic Surgery

Minimum invasive treatment

Dr. Juan José Ruiz Treviño, MD, FACS brings to Monterrey the most innovative procedures in breast plastic surgery with fast recovery.Breast plastic surgery

The surgery covers two areas : aesthetic and reconstructive. He seeks to perfect the shape and size of your breasts. Each surgery is designed according to the physical characteristics of the patient and her lifestyle. This level of personalization allows Dr. Juan José Ruiz Treviño, MD, FACS to perform the masterful surgery that allows him to achieve his specific aesthetic goals. In most cases, no drainage is left; this, along with his specialized technique, allows the patient to go out to dinner or a movie the same night of her surgery.

As for breast augmentation, we have different options, such as: augmentation with round implants, augmentation with anatomical implants (gout), augmentation without implants, augmentation without scars on the breast, among other minimally invasive options.

To perform the surgery without scars on the breast, Dr. Juan José Ruiz Treviño, MD, FACS uses state-of-the-art technology with which he places the implants by means of high definition endoscopy. For augmentation without implants, he uses different techniques that increase the volume of your breasts with your own tissues.

It also allows for the reduction of breast volume in women who have neck and back problems, dermatological problems, and improves performance in those who find it uncomfortable to perform sports activities.

Pregnancy, age, and even normal development can cause sagging and drooping of the breasts. Fortunately, we can lift the breasts with fast recovery techniques. The breast lift can be combined with augmentation or reduction, improving the shape of the breasts and creating harmony with the rest of the body.

When performing breast plastic surgery for reconstruction, Dr. Juan José Ruiz Treviño, MD, FACS uses the most innovative methods to allow you to regain your figure after mastectomy. Most breast cancer patients can be reconstructed at the time of their oncological surgery so the assessment by Dr. Juan José Ruiz Treviño, MD, FACS before starting any treatment is very important. Within his reconstructive techniques the doctor offers options with implants and with the patients own tissues, depending on their personal characteristics. He uses his personal technique of Lymphocellular Regeneration alone or in conjunction with other techniques to give a beautiful and natural shape to the reconstructed breasts.

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